Monday, August 17, 2009

VC Update...Survived My First Packet!

Phew! I've been busy, but I wanted to say that I've survived my first "packet." What is a packet, you might ask? Well, as part of the VC MFA requirements, during the semester, under the guidance of an advisor, students complete a certain amount of required work each month and turn it into his/her advisor for review/feedback. This monthly submission of work is referred to as a "packet" (because it's all submitted to the advisor at once).

For the Picture Book Semester (what I'm enrolled in this semester), once a month I turn in an annotated bibliography (min. of 25 books), a critical essay, 2-4 manuscripts (at least one has to be new, others can be revised mss), and a letter to my advisor discussing my progress. Amazingly, my advisor gives me thorough feedback within a day or two. Then it's time to begin the whole process again...