Saturday, March 8, 2008

RIF on the Verge of Extinction by Bush

Those of you who read Publisher’s Weekly might have read some disturbing news about the Reading is Fundamental program (RIF). Here is how the RIF website summarizes it:

“The President's proposed budget for fiscal year 2009 eliminates the Inexpensive Book Distribution Program, which is the RIF Book Distribution Program. Unless Congress reinstates funding for this program, RIF will be unable to distribute 16 million books annually to the nation's youngest and most at-risk children.”

RIF is the oldest program of its kind, starting in 1966. For many at-risk and less advantaged children, the RIF program is the only way for them to have books of their own. Think about the first book that you knew was YOURS. Remember that feeling of wonderment and how you read it over and over again? Now imagine how many kids will never have that happen if the RIF program is gone. Having books excites kids about reading (I won’t go into the pros of reading—I think I’d be preaching to the choir on that issue!). We must do what we can to try to save this program.

Please-please-please—act now by going to the RIF website (CLICK HERE) and following their simple instructions for locating your political leaders (congressmen/women, state senators, and the president himself) and asking them for their support in continuing to fund RIF. It’s very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete (and isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to help put books into the hands of less fortunate kids?).

Thank you!