Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday Wordplay: Worst Title for a Children's Book

While I’ve enjoy having a blog and sharing my thoughts (okay, ramblings) with the one or two people who read this (one of them likely being my mother), I’ve decided to give myself some structure with it (after all, I am one of those “organized” types).

Inspired by my love of goofiness, I’m deeming every Wednesday to be WORDPLAY WEDNESDAY on my blog. I can’t play an instrument, I can’t play sports, but I CAN play with words. I mean, what else does one do while waiting in line at the P.O. or spending hours waiting at the doctor’s office?

Variations will be many—sometimes a question, a definition, a list, whatever strikes my fancy (after all, it is my blog). I welcome you to join me, as I would suspect that you like playing with words as well.

So—to start things off, here is my first Wednesday Wordplay question: What is the worst title for a children’s book? Here’s one to start: How to Cope When You Are the Reason Your Parents Divorced.

Any wordsmiths out there who'd like to join the fun? What's your worst title for a children's book?