Monday, March 1, 2010

West Boron Elementary, Here I Come!

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Boron, CA, a small town in the high desert just south of where I live, to help the students of West Boron Elementary School celebrate Read Across America Day. I'm so excited about my visit--I love speaking to students about the writing process and getting them excited about reading. I still remember my fabulous fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Barnes, and how she turned me onto reading. Talk about a keystone year!

How are YOU celebrating Read Across America Day?


Anonymous said...

Have a great time! I completely forgot it's Read Across America tomorrow because March 2 is also the 7th grade state writing test throughout all of California.

Mary Ann Dames said...

And, least we forget, March 2 was also the anniversary of a special person's birthday - Dr. Seuss. Terry, I'll think you'll get a luagh from the Cat-in-the-Hat Salad on my blog. But back to reading, my mother had to hid my books from me so I would go outside to play. Sigh. Nobody hides books from me now so I stay up late, late, late reading.

Terry P. said...

Absolutely, Mary Ann. There were a few West Boron teachers donning the hat of that most famous cat!