Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Here!

I've checked into the VC dorms and will soon begin my MFA adventure. My son and daughter-in-law drove me up and helped bring my bags to my room. Yes, life is full of ironies--the son drops his mom off at college. He even warned me, "It's okay to experiment in college, just don't make it a habit." ;-) Hmm...experiment with writing--sounds like a good plan to me. And if it works, I'll definitely make it a habit!

The dorms are...uh...sparse? Yes, sparse, that's a good word to describe it. But that's okay. This isn't a vacation and my focus is on the writing program, not feeling pampered. The room definitely has an institutional feel to it, but it has the basics (even a big fan, which feels very nice right now considering the warm temps today). Because of my potential for migraines, I'm in a single room, which is fabulous because I can spread my "stuff" all over.

Today the new students check in; tomorrow the returning students arrive then we let the games begin!

I couldn't sleep last night, a million thoughts swirling in my mind, so I'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep tonight. It may be my last for a while!