Monday, May 18, 2009

A New Path

Beginning in July, I'll begin a journey down a new path in my life, as a part of the Vermont College of Fine Arts Master's in Writing for Children and Young Adults Program. I'm very excited about this! I've dreamed of enrolling in this program since I first heard about it, many years ago. Now, with my son out of college, it's finally my turn!

Am I thrilled? Yes! Excited? Oh yeah! A little nervous? Absolutely! Terrified at times? You betcha! (but just once in a while and that's when Mary Ann and Dianne talk me down :-).

But it was time. Time for me to move on to something different--something that could take me to places I've never been before with my writing. New levels, new commitments, a whole new world.

And for anyone interested, my hope is to focus my blog on my VC experiences (which would entail the next two years). I have a feeling I won't have a lot of time for posting, maybe once a week or so, but for anyone who is interested in the program, maybe it will give you some insight.

So, there's my big news... Next week I'll give a little more details about what's happened up to this point. So please, stay tuned!


saradobie said...

Good job, gal! Proud of you! You'll be great :) And very BUSY haha. Congrats!

Terry P. said...

Thanks, Sara. Yes, MUCHO BUSY. And who knows--maybe I'll end up with some new mss for SD ;-).

Jill Corcoran said...

How fantastic, Terry. Congratulations!
I will be following your journey through you blog so please keep blogging as much as you can:)

S A Putnam said...

Congratulations Terry! You'll love VC!

You'll have to check out my old stomping grounds; Bear Pond Books and Julio's

Terry P. said...

Thanks, SA. I hope Julio's is either a coffeehouse or ice cream shoppe--or hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, or Italian... :P