Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Calling It Quits?

Well folks, I’ve come to the decision that all of the fame that I’ve gained from writing for children is just too much for this little introvert. I mean really, how many pairs of dark glasses and wide-brimmed hats can one hide under?

And the wealth I’ve acquired in these past nine years has been so unexpected compared to what I thought it would be prior to becoming a children’s writer that I just can’t say enough about it!

Soooo, I’m packing my bags and moving to the Bahamas. The bag will include sunscreen, swimsuit, sundresses, flip-flops and enough cat food to last for my two spoiled feline traveling companions.

WHEN am I bailing on the writing world (and the rest of society too, I suppose)?

Let’s see, let me check my calendar...

Oh wait...it’s April 1!

Happy April Fool’s Day! ;-) (hee-hee)

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