Thursday, February 7, 2008

Children's Book Trailer: Blackberry Banquet


Well, I did it! I plunged into the deep, dark waters of video promotion (where I'd never swum before) and made a book trailer for Blackberry Banquet. And it was really fun! I was surprised at how easy it was for me--it took about ten hours to create, plus another couple of hours to tinker with (it reminded me of writing a story~ how I "think" I'm finished but then I keep going back to tweak it here and there until I have it exactly like I want it).

So, here it is! Drum roll, please (drrrrrr...drrrrrr...drrrrrr)!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Terry!
The trailer is a delicious feast for the eyes and the ears. I can't believe you did it all yourself--you are a one-woman writing wonderwhiz--you are!
Congrats on a great promotional trailer AND a great book.
I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
Rebecca Langston-George

Angela said...

You did an awesome job! I've never seen one of these trailers before, but I loved the fun script font you used along with the music. Great illos, and ending question--makes me want to run out and get the book.

Way to go!

Terry P. said...

Thanks, Rebecca and Angela. It sounds like its serving its purpose. Phew! ;-)


Eden Sharpe said...

Great text, pics & music! I think you've got it.

Ann Louise Ramsey said...

Hi Terry,
I love your book trailer for "Blackberry Banquet!" I came across it while searching online for examples of children's picture book trailers. I'm a Colorado author/illustrator of children's pictures books and am getting ready to make book trailers for my books. Yours is my favorite book trailer that I came across! I just wanted you to know that. You did a great job!
Ann Louise Ramsey